Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Think Dougie Lampkin Has Worked on His Skills

I think I added a live link of a fun video whic rates PG on My Mules rating system, in fact it rates even less than PG, maybe just a G, or...Never mind, the subject of this link is based on an obscure motorcycle related discipline known as Trials Riding.
Trials requires great balance and a bike that weighs in at around 160lbs. It is amazing to watch what these people can do on a Trials bike, not to mention the Mountain Biker's who do some very impossible tricks without the motor.
I have been practicing riding a friends Trials bike and to tell you the truth just trying to learn the new discipline is not easy,if I can last twenty minutes riding around obstacles and practicing balance I am happy and my poor body is like rubber or jelly.Odd but true, this is a difficult type of riding but will I hope help me in my trail rides, its proven to help many world champions so maybe this was what was binding me to the surly bonds of mediocrity in trail riding and soon I will blossom and become a world class champion in my own...eyes
At this point what more can I ask? Peace Trials JW
Doug Lampkin


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Corner Gas the New Mayberry

I normally do not post anything as low brow as reviews of television shows, this being a site devoted to people who read and write real good.However in this case I feel compelled to admit that yes I do own a television I even have a DVR which makes my viewing much more enjoyable for when I am worn out from working on my Magnum opus and just need something to do before I visit one of my favorite villes, commonly known as Sleepville.
So now as I explain away why I watch TV, I view it as something I scorn but do secretly use as an over the counter narcotic to help ease the transition from awake to not awake. Corner Gas is the show I step out on a limb for you my gentle reader.The Show is from Canada and filmed in Saskatchewan, visit the link for more info. I was forced to watch it by my father who has Tivo and I found it mildly amusing, I watched another episode and was still not one over, finally my younger sister (9 years superior to her) admitted she and her husband were fans, so I relented set my DVR to record Corner Gas. Now I have recruited at least three more people who are fans. I was talking to my buddy Roscoe this evening and he admitted he really liked it, I compared it to a modern Mayberry filmed in Canada and he agreed. I respect Roscoes opinion hence the title of the post. The photo has nothing to do with Corner Gas other than it was taken in Canada. The show is on WGN America and is currently filming its 6th season.I leave it to you to decide, should I put down Finnigan's Wake and watch the boob tube? Yes, when your eyes grow weary, escape to Dog River.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Errol Flynn Fighting Spanish Man in Diaper

Well after studying my stats I recognize my audience and for this one post I shall cater to them. How long I choose to do the song and dance for the audience will be short lived, but for now I feel compelled to give my audience their day. I had another picture I saw of the 1935 classic movie Captain Blood, I could have titled it Captain Blood in Knee High Leather Boots. So now I will look at my internet searches and do an independent study on how many people really are looking for this kind of stuff. With my math ability's and spirit of exaggeration I am certain the results will be deeply disturbing. Thank you for your patience and support in my quest for the truth about what goes on in peoples tickers. JW

Monday, June 16, 2008

I only Ask Questions

I read somewhere recently that we are trying to elect a new president of the United States.
When I read this article, (don't ask me where,I already forgot) I questioned the entire system of government.I suppose I will start a new paragraph to address this subject, because it seems like the right thing to do.
I used good judgment I feel better in this paragraph, kinda comfy in this new paragraph I must admit.So with this thought I think I will start a new paragraph to reinforce the positive vibes I am feeling from this new paragraph.
So its true I do feel better. I guess the questions I have are as follows until I fall asleep or loose train of thought (racing thoughts are a real pain).

1: Does anyone recognize that democracy is soon to be replaced by corporations?

2: Does anyone feel as if the homogenization of the world is a gift from the corporations?

3: Does anyone feel that big brother is the product of conglomerates?

4: Does anyone feel there is a solution to this?

5: Soma is in the works, watch the pharmaceutical ads on the tube. Soon we will all be prescribed "Soma" and then it will all be good?

6: What can we do to protect the people for the people?

7: Finally why has my sense of smell gone south?

Thank you for your patience and soon I will have an appropriate photo to accompany this post. Kind Regards JW


Friday, June 13, 2008

Guest Post from Jolene Ketzenberger

Jolene Ketzenberger of the Indianapolis star had this to say about beef. I liked the article which helps reinforce my lifestyle of a semi-retired, part time only when I sleep,full time vegan. No I am not a vegan but I am pretty handy when it comes to copy and paste. Next task, find a suitable photo for this post. Kind Regards JW

Below these collection of words is the article.

What could be better for a special occasion than steak? Whether for a backyard barbecue or a restaurant celebration, the classic cut of beef remains one of America's favorite entrees.

At Joseph Decuis restaurant in the small northeastern Indiana town of Roanoke, owners Pete and Alice Eshelman feature American-style Kobe beef, the highly regarded Japanese breed called Wagyu. In fact, they have their own herd.

"One of our chefs got some through a distributor, and we tasted it, and it tasted incredible," said Pete Eshelman.

Although already running an award-winning restaurant, an inn and a specialty food and gift shop, the couple began researching Wagyu beef. After visiting other ranchers and consulting with Japanese experts, in 2004 the Eshelmans launched the cattle operation on land six miles from the restaurant. The couple's Heritage Farm also supplies the restaurant with eggs and fresh produce.

"We started off with 20 pregnant heifers, which was my 50th birthday present," said Alice Eshelman.

Considerable mystique surrounds Kobe beef, which has been widely available in the United States only since the 1990s. True Kobe comes only from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan; however, the Wagyu breed is being successfully raised in the United States and Australia, using Japanese methods and breeding stock.

What has come to be called American Wagyu is typically a cross between Japanese Wagyu and black or red Angus.

American Wagyu steaks often cost more than $50 a pound; a 6-ounce fillet from Joseph Decuis is more than $40. At the much ballyhooed Kobe Club in New York City, an 8-ounce American Wagyu fillet is $85. A Kobe sampler for two costs $395.

Why such high prices? There is a limited supply, for one thing. Plus, more time and effort goes into raising the specialty beef, though perhaps not as much as popularly thought. While they are fed a special diet and do require a longer raising time before slaughter, stories of their special treatment are much exaggerated, said Alice Eshelman.

"They really are not fed beer," she said.

The Eshelmans' Wagyu cattle are started in the pasture, then are fed a special diet of hay, corn and distillers' grain (the mash left over from making beer). The docile cattle, which are fattened longer than typical U.S. cattle, weigh less than typical cattle but develop fat in and around their muscles.

Joseph Decuis executive chef Aaron Butts said that intramuscular marbling is like "internal basting."

The extra-tender beef has a buttery mouth feel, he said. "It's got a great beef flavor accented by that melt-in-your-mouth quality."


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

I was able to fix my head with old sail cloth and ice. No Dr. visit required, despite my wife, my children, my grandchildren, my parents, my siblings, my aunts, uncles, and all my other next of kin; even my own peers told me to go to the Dr.
Well once again I proved them all wrong. The swelling subsided with the aid of ice and proper application. Call me crazy but if it takes me three attempts to bust a bottle on my own head, I always apply ice to the lump. I have been attempting to and always have succeeded to break bottles over my head, the problem with calling in the medics is they do not know which lump to apply the ice to. Despite common knowledge and common sense, so far I have come through my extreme hobby unhurt, other than memory loss, family interventions and some other things I cannot recall.
So let me tell you this is one fine post, best ever, best that I can recall. Now I need to stop because I am running out of


Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Ole Copy and Paste

I was just on Erin O'Briens site and she had a post of her recent search results for her site.I have not been very active in the blog world for awhile, what with spring, work and lets not forget sloth. However taking advantage of this short burst of energy and inspiration before I turn in and ready myself for a day of daring adventure, I took a great deal of time to copy and paste my latest searches now I need to find a photo that fits this post just right.
Kind Regards JW

nautical miles to mule (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :49:34 big confort mule (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :28:05 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :37:03 how can i make my mule stand still when i mount (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :21:34 free move nude beach (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :54:37 muffugnugen (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :29:50 breath nude beach (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :37:56 how to kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :02:49 piggly wiggly tshirt (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :13:00 wind scoops (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :06:03 mule movies (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :30:09 carcassonne carp (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :19:35 mule riding in arizona (YahooSearch)
Jun 1, :15:44 "patti gillingham" (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :24:57 get behind the mule tabs tom waits (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :03:02 jarts review (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :51:31 castor oil then an enema (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :24:28 kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :38:44 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :13:53 comic mule silhouette (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :33:18 101 things you did not know about hgh (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :52:33 mom gave me my first enema (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :43:54 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :04:31 kodiak missionary mule (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :23:15 men pee (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :00:47 "leo kottke" when you look through the moon... (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :39:43 most pogo stick hops in a row (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :25:08 56th street bridge eagle creek reservoir indiana height (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :35:28 kill sponge bob (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :25:05 mini enduros (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :16:11 speed boats on eagle creek reservoir, indiana (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :18:15 ralph steadman insane (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :36:55 (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :52:57 kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :01:52 redneck mule tractor (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :12:37 rupp mini-bike history (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :43:12 ktm awesome bikes photos (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :55:49 tony cairoli en jill (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :43:35 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :21:21 how could i pick them up i had no finkers (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :02:21 mule sail (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :51:49 yungs porno muvies (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :44:19 roscoes tacos (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :42:50 chupacabra (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :14:25 unidentified remains in indiana (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :10:03 riding my mule (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :57:21 largest freshwater fish of mexico (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :47:53 gay yungs (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :22:50 roscoes tacos (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :18:30 charlie williams trail rider (GoogleSearch)