Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Ole Copy and Paste

I was just on Erin O'Briens site and she had a post of her recent search results for her site.I have not been very active in the blog world for awhile, what with spring, work and lets not forget sloth. However taking advantage of this short burst of energy and inspiration before I turn in and ready myself for a day of daring adventure, I took a great deal of time to copy and paste my latest searches now I need to find a photo that fits this post just right.
Kind Regards JW

nautical miles to mule (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :49:34 big confort mule (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :28:05 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :37:03 how can i make my mule stand still when i mount (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :21:34 free move nude beach (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :54:37 muffugnugen (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :29:50 breath nude beach (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :37:56 how to kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :02:49 piggly wiggly tshirt (GoogleSearch)
Jun 2, :13:00 wind scoops (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :06:03 mule movies (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :30:09 carcassonne carp (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :19:35 mule riding in arizona (YahooSearch)
Jun 1, :15:44 "patti gillingham" (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :24:57 get behind the mule tabs tom waits (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :03:02 jarts review (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :51:31 castor oil then an enema (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :24:28 kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :38:44 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :13:53 comic mule silhouette (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :33:18 101 things you did not know about hgh (GoogleSearch)
Jun 1, :52:33 mom gave me my first enema (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :43:54 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :04:31 kodiak missionary mule (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :23:15 men pee (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :00:47 "leo kottke" when you look through the moon... (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :39:43 most pogo stick hops in a row (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :25:08 56th street bridge eagle creek reservoir indiana height (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :35:28 kill sponge bob (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :25:05 mini enduros (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :16:11 speed boats on eagle creek reservoir, indiana (GoogleSearch)
May 31, :18:15 ralph steadman insane (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :36:55 (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :52:57 kill spongebob (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :01:52 redneck mule tractor (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :12:37 rupp mini-bike history (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :43:12 ktm awesome bikes photos (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :55:49 tony cairoli en jill (GoogleSearch)
May 30, :43:35 chuck sun (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :21:21 how could i pick them up i had no finkers (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :02:21 mule sail (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :51:49 yungs porno muvies (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :44:19 roscoes tacos (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :42:50 chupacabra (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :14:25 unidentified remains in indiana (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :10:03 riding my mule (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :57:21 largest freshwater fish of mexico (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :47:53 gay yungs (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :22:50 roscoes tacos (GoogleSearch)
May 29, :18:30 charlie williams trail rider (GoogleSearch)



At 1:09 AM , Blogger Helen Mansfield said...

Did you take that photo yourself? Somewhere in Indiana? If so, that just furthers my belief that Hoosiers treat 85 percent of Indiana like a toilet, the rest is littered with Amish.

At 4:10 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Helen: Nope,I had the photo on file for some reason.Indiana is Scattered with Amish, some genuine some capitalizing on the good name of the hard working buggy crew.
Most of the borders of Indiana are treated like a toilet I sure would not eat the fish but the closer you get to the heart the better its treated. My theory just born, the state keeps the borders as toilet barrier in the event we ever decide to succeed from the Union.

At 8:49 AM , Blogger Zen Wizard said...

I used to have one of those Extreme Tracker things before I killed my Template by accident, and seeing what keywords people used to get to your site is funny and scary at the same time.

At 8:57 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

zen: Yes some of these people with fetish's are pretty disaapointed when they arrive at My Mule. This Extreme tracker not only gives me searh info but the IP the SS# the mothers maiden name of their user and live video feed of the person on my site.

At 4:01 PM , Blogger Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

I took the photo, you can tell because it is over exposed and out of focus. The pile of bottles is just south of San Vincente in Baja Mexico. I found this site using the search words of:
"My waist is larger than my mules."
How did I wind up here?

At 4:19 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

toilets: Come to think of it I recognize your style, strong work.Are you sure you did not use photo shop?

At 4:40 PM , Blogger Cléa said...

I'm so glad 'men pee' and the enema thing is a bit weird. Gotta love the internet!

At 2:43 PM , Blogger ~d said...

Hiya YOU!!

(glad to see you again!)

~d ♥ JWW

At 2:49 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

~d:Why thank ya darlin' JWW ♥ ~d

At 11:20 AM , Blogger Erin O'Brien said...


I got here by googling "Huge Member Hot for fortysomething slightly overweight housewives living in beleaguered midwest cities."


At 5:41 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Erin:How did you find my personal ad?


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