Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Neighbors

Hmmm this is my nocturnal neighbor I was discussing in my previous post which will not allow me to post the picture on the orignal post so I reposted but the rest of the untold story remains untold in the previous post.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Home and More

I approach the sixteenth year in the same house. I may post some stories of my life with my neighbors, seems like a good project, for now… The photo I posted is not the neighbor I am writing about but the crazy neighbor who I photographed one night around midnight. He had set spot lights out to help him see what he was sanding while he prepped his house for painting. I have to give him props he did a good job over all, but I am curious what the impact was to his immediate neighbors ? I live behind his house a good 150’ … I did not hear him working but spied his set up on my way home from church (best I can recall) one late night, parked my car and walked over and took this pick with my new digital pocket camera, not a great picture but I was not familiar with my camera and I was afraid the crazy guy would cast a spell on me or something…(more on him later in another post)
The first sixteen years of my life I had lived in at least 7 different homes, so this home is what I would call a personal world record for myself.
My computer desk and myself sit nestled in front of a dormer window overlooking my backyard and some of my neighbors. From this high vantage point, being in a flood zone this old house (born on date 1935) sits high so I have a good vantage point to keep an eye out for irate or just plain crazed neighbors.
My front overlooks a number of my other neighbors and the home my parents lived when my much, much older brother "Toilet" was born way back in 1958. I discovered this fact after I bought the house.
I had just moved from an apartment that overlooked the house that my father grew up in. Apparently I have a knack for sticking tight to my roots. This knack has no real marketable value, I’ve tried and it just does not pay FY money to have a sixth sense as to where you chose to live, even if it is where your roots lie.
"Worlds foremost authority on the decline of piracy on the US coast in the 19th century".
I had a history teacher that boasted this, true he had written a couple of books on the decline of piracy and dubbed himself the worlds foremost authority. I am working on my resume, rest assured I am the world authority on a number of subjects… My neighbor and family lived directly across the street from my house (first 8 years of my stay) in the tiny original farm house before this area was developed. They had a long privacy fence around their yard which also held inside an old Carriage House ( built 1849ish) and moved to its current location in the 1920s…He added on and made it his office, he explained to me that if I saw him out there late at night he was working on a book about the history of a little known and rarely if ever used font. ( Don’t ask I can’t remember) I suppose he was planning to become the world’s foremost authority on this particular font.
This amiable enough man was in the insurance business and he told me he wrote very obscure polices, a lot of firsts, which was "where the money was". Then one day I saw moving trucks, he and his family were gone. I had not had contact with him for the last six months he was my neighbor, me thinking because I had a new garage door and opener so I could sneak in and out before he could catch me and regale me with wild tales of the font. Turns out the last 6 months he had been under house arrest for embezzling and had 15 or twenty judgements against him from various businesses’ and individuals. How I escaped unscathed? I suppose he never found an angle he could use on me, the font ploy fell flat. Over the years I refer to the privacy fence as a palisade fence because the two owners have ended up under house arrest. More on this later….Did this story drag on or is it just me? Kind Regards JW

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Head Thinkin'

Think I'll just study things for awhile and do some head thinkin'. Doing tonnes of R & D and gotta catch up on some reviews. More later JW

Monday, June 05, 2006

Time Travel

1967 This is the estimated date of this photo I palmed off of my friends nearly 35 years ago. I was visiting the Roscoe family and looking through some photos with the fellow brothers of Roscoe (Joe and John) and discovered this gem of a portrait. I palmed it when I realized that John was not to proud of the picture and wanted to tear it up. When he could not find it he lost interest. Hopefully he will never learn of this post or his interest will peak with this resurfacing, precipitating the begining of my last post...John aka Big John is a vengeful John who might smite me if he catch’s me posting photos of his proudest catch. Which he kept wrapped in tin foil for years and when asked would run out to the garage and pull the stinking pulp out of the freezer chest and showed all who had the will to force faux interest... life can be cruel and stuff.

I met the Roscoe family I think in 1969 +-? when I moved to the country, to live the simple life.(My folks and siblings followed shortly) My brother Toilet (who I am looking for a picture he despises to post. Because quite simply revenge is best served cold) met up with big John at school and brought him over to the house because he had a cool Rupp mini bike and Chuckles had some sort of bike( I think it was pink) and me, tender lad of seven had a Sears mini bike, tricked out to the max! We bonded like biker’s do and John introduced us to his brothers Roscoe and Joe who also had a passion for biking.

First time I visited their house R and Joe offered me a triple Decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich... I had never heard of let alone seen such a thing. This excited the boys to no end and they expounded on the wonders of the sandwich and how they ate them all the time. They were amazed I had never heard of the sandwich...Turns out they were playing improve at the city slickers expense.

Shortly after this visit I was in their bedroom to see Big John's stereo and he was bragging about his head phones which were pretty rad. Roscoe showed me a statue of budda they had resting on a shelf and told me if I rubbed its belly it would bring me good luck, I did and then he laughed and told me I was going to hell because I was worshipping a pagan God. I was only seven so I took him for his word but did not lose any sleep over it at the same time. That was a long time ago and now I go to bed now. JW This story was all based on fact, even the outright lies.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

All the World's a Stage

Sometimes I get a creepy feeling that people are watching me when I blog.