Wednesday, August 29, 2007

History and stuff

This photo was taken in a bar circa 05 I think the bottle was on the bar, the bar was in Prague. I left shortly after the photo and was accosted by gypsy's they stole a single Euro from me, or it fell out of my pocket. Somehow I found my room and was not lured into an alley where I was promised pleasures. I think the pleasures would have been a lump on the head and empty pockets. Why post this? I guess to put the past behind me, its a heck of lot easier than putting it in front of me...That’s all I have, a dry well the last few years but soon I will blossom and it will be worth your time...Truth. JW

Monday, August 27, 2007

Chuck Sun my Brother "Toilets" Twin

I am almost certain that one of these photos is of my brother, "Toilets". This could be a contest, pick out the correct picture and you can read the latest dispatch from Chuck Sun Moto Cross legend and doppleganger for my brother. The dispatch is from England where from what I can gather Mr Sun was denied permission to race in the vintage class because he was 50 years old. Vet class was up to age 50 and senior was 51 to ? I dunno and I am sure you do not care but here is the the beauty. We are all winners because I will post the dispatch, gratis! We are all winners, especially Chuck. Have fun and send gifts... Oh and if you can pick out my brother out of these photos you win a free gift of my choosing. NO KIDDING!

Hey Folks....Got offered a factory CAS Honda ride at donnington park GP in the UK this weekend to ride in the newly formed senior class! Jumped on a plane to Manchester, England after riding the best trails in the world being sawtooth mtns. in Idaho, only to be told i could not ride! f!!!!!!!!!!! check out the blogs at Artist Rob Kinsey talked me down from the ledge and we have been having a ball hangin with the locals! Saturday night Rob and I went out to the local pub for a couple Gunnies and plotted out our next move. Officials agreed that a first US team member winning DeNations and the last Nations winner stephan everets would be great for spectators on a victory lap during half time! It was sweet! A local dealer made a retro Honda jersey, just like senior David Thorpe wore to victory today that they insited I wore along with the new awsome MSR classic pants. BTW I competed against stephan's father Harry during the Nations race in '81 to add to the nastalga....To top it off broadcaster Kenny Kay invited me to join him in the booth to call the shots for the 2nd MX1 and MX2 motos...check it out at
I was invited to sit in on the broadcast from the final GP in Holland next week also, but thought I should get back to....oh thats right I don't have to be anywhere! Joel Smets invited me out to ride with the GP guys at the Lommel track in Belgium...(site of original US win 26 years ago!) I'm gonna hitch a ride with the CAS Honda guys to Lommel tommorow...they are the Honda factory reps that graciously offered the Honda ride...Thanks guys!
Newly crowned MX2 champ Anthony Cairoli won his first MX1 GP and has his sites set on RC! Good luck with that! but he really thinks he can take down the goat! coppins came back but his shoulder injury was to much to take as he pulled out of the 2nd moto handing, I think a 4 point lead to Belgium Steve be decided in Holland next weekend!
Oh BTW apparently Sky TV in Europe airs the Speed National as many people had mentioned they saw the huge washougal get off. If you hav'nt seen this rare 26 year vintage footage, old school bud will have it on the web site by DeNations time.
I'll keep ya posted on anything out of the ordinary happening,
Chuck Sun

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Abode Was Violated I Think...

I stepped into the village for a salad and some beer; I walked home being it is only 6 1/2 minutes, at least to the pub.
I entered my wooden porch gate open my unlocked door and there stood a man directly in front of me, he said "oh shit" hit me closed fist in the jaw I slipped on my deck he ran past me and I began pursuit. I saw him running around the opposite end of the house so I ran back and bolted down the street when a man walking his dog asked what was going on, he sounded a bit startled. I told him an abbreviated version and he said the guy ran down the street and turned right. I ran to the corner the guy was gone...I went back to my house and looked around up and down and could not find anything that was missing, which means if its missing I don’t know yet. I grabbed a large flash light great for defense as well and went on the hunt. No sooner than I rounded the corner of the purp. a Fire truck and police car pulled up looking for a certain address, me being vain thought they were there to help me, I gave them directions to their emergency and told them my story and they called the police. Not to long after a police car pulled up, listened to my tale and by then the dog walker showed back up to share his version, my neighbor was there to watch, listen and learn.
According to the dog walker the perp was 6' athletic and ran like the wind, to me he looked the same, he was fast, the officer suggested drugs or my neighbor who is a psychologist by trade, one of them said a druggy can remain very fit for awhile until it all falls down. I'm fine, I slipped when I was hit, I was to busy trying to figure out which recently divorced buddy was moving in to think I should put up my dukes...I almost had the guy in my grip, so its best he got away...right? I don’t know what he did in my house, should I wash my soap? Who knows, he was clean cut, glass’s and he did run like the wind, he came in the back way to my house which makes me think he has watched it for awhile, seventeen years in the same place and this is the first unknown intruder…I agreed with my neighbors that we need to have a neighborhood watch, it’s a good neighborhood but now its time for a watch…I suppose it had to happen to me to become interested in such a thing but now that I am I will recruit some of my cronies and we will have a great time watching our neighbors….This is all based on fact as of 8/20/07 JW

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

04 Super Moto KTM and 01 Adventure

Thank you to
Len who opened his house to me with his family, two children and Jill expecting another. Paul who sold me the bike which is a sweet ride unless you are wearing your helmet Jacket other gear any experienced rider knows will help ease the pain when he suffers a get off. During the dog days of summer, while wearing all your gear in 90+ / plus humidity one begins to feel soft and tender like poached fish.
Paul made the photos from my previous post, this post is my bike and Lens, his is a 04 640 that is a limited edition super moto, mine is limited addition as well, why? Name one infinite edition motorcycle or anything else.
Len creates repair manuals, which I buy they are great so I guess that is what the middle photo is documenting, Greg ace mechanic and calendar gal recruiter is the background. The bottom photo is Len explaining to Jill that he made a mistake and gave me improper directions to meet him on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I admired him for admitting his mistake...He may not respond well to the last statement, but what can I do, this blog was created for people who read and write real good and tell the truth about being lost and stuff. Slanja JW

Friday, August 03, 2007

My New 2001 KTM 640 Adventure

The first photo is of my bike with the former owner and still friend Paul, we had just taken a pee break on the ride to Cape May. The next photo is my bike which I had to secure with chocks with out help from the ferry ferries...I like to think they judged me up to the task, if I wasn't the Harleys would have had a lot of orange imprinted on them....The final photo was taken in Fancy Gap Virgina at the exit of a gift shop, I did not go in the gift shop but I have to admit I could not but help but feel all warm and fuzzy after reading their exit sign. Thats all I have...JW