Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Spiraling Monkey Theory in Infinite Space

I felt compelled to write a review on which is now posted on Amazon. Stephen Hawkings book
A Brief History of Time. I'm a bit rusty, its been awhile since I did a review, but you know I think I still got it...JW

Stephen Hawkings: A Brief History of Time

I have the utmost respect for Mr Hawking's theory's and his ability to question his own theory's, this book was a great read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in time and stuff.
Time for instance it was years ago that I was taught how to use firearms by my father and Grandfather. They were both very strict and would often yell obscenities when I would aim the gun towards any where but the ground away from them. My Grandfather was a wildlife protector (game warden) back in the early thirties at Lake Mattamuskeet in North Carolina. Game wardens were not well received back then, they being a new branch of government control and what right did they have to make them buy a license to hunt for waterfowl? LakeMattamuskeet to this day is a very remote and rural area, so new ideas are not snapped up like in New York or Kokomo. As I was saying whenever I was holding a rifle, my grandfather would chastise me regularly, he had been shot by accident in his life so he took firearms seriously, people are careless he was careless so he bore a scare on his leg and shoulder from mistakes. He instilled in me a deep respect that makes me a nervous wreck when I am around people who have a firearm and handle it with little caution. This reminds me of the old saying ... You can give and infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of firearms and eventually one of them will not shoot himself or colleague.
Well I have a few problems with this theory....
1. Who counts the monkeys to make sure they are infinite in numbers.
2. Where does on keep an infinite number of monkeys with firearms. Earth would pile up with them pretty fast, the final frontier would have to be utilized. Space suits would be required and modified firearms that would fire in a vacuum not to mention without the benefit of oxygen to ignite the gunpowder.
3.You would need and infinite number of banana trees to feed the monkeys, which would require an infinite amount of arable land and workers to cultivate and ship to the monkeys their dietary needs.
4. Where are the monkeys to throw their scat, a really advanced sanitary system would be needed to deal with all the monkey pitching.
5.So we need an infinite number of space suits, referees to document whether a monkey is injured, an infinite number of rifles for the monkeys and lanyards so they would not loose them in space while they slept.
6. There would need to be an infinite number of begetting monkeys to produce the infinite number of monkeys..
7. I have nearly an infinite number of question regarding this theory, but do not have the time or space...
In conclusion I still respect Mr Hawkings theory's , but I do wonder if he has avoided the Spiraling Monkey Theory in Infinite Space. These are questions that need to be asked, which I just did so now these are questions I would like to be answered.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Posting a video for dummies

I had a friend, (not that bright) ask me how to post videos on blogger. I laughed because I knew how easy it was, however I held my tongue and told him I would ask people that read this blog to walk him through the process. I think his self-esteem would be well served if he were to find out that it was easy but a really difficult ordeal. Thanks in advance for helping my friend JW

It seems from recent correspondence that my friend is having problems posting any media, so it could be blogger, but I bet the poor fool still needs help.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Great Quote

Great quote:

"We had Miles Davis open for us at the Hollywood Bowl...I heard Miles playing, so I went into the audience after a while, and Miles had twenty thousand people crouched down. His electric band was pouring fire into the crowd, and these kids were like, cowering under the onslaught. Miles had these big wraparound bug-eyed shades, and he had his back turned to the crowd, and he was playing and scaring the shit out of the audience. But he never took them over the edge, and that's why he was a master, an outrageous artist. He took our crowd to a place they'd never been before. And we had to follow this. So we came out and played one of the worst shows we ever did."
--Rick Danko, late bass player for The Band

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bullet Dander has Lost his Bearings

I was walking the docks in the early morning fog, as is my habit, normally my dock buddy Trouble is at my side to scatter the sleeping geese and to share the local gossip as well. Trouble is a fine dog, but he does chatter like a magpie, bless his heart he is good people and that’s what I like about my club. (Forgive the possessive my club but I did some paper work with some of the higher ups and if it came to a legal battle I could own all the boats, case closed, I gain trust and then my deceit pays big time). Well as we were on the morning patrol, I noticed that someone had moved my classic 1935 Brough Superior Motorcycle from where I had it parked. A bad sign in my book, this bike is not only a classic but also the same bike that T.E. Lawrence owned all those years ago. (Just before he was kilt) Don’t mess with my boat or my bike or there will be trouble and who was at my side but Trouble!
I studied the prints beside the bike and measured them with expensive calipers and they were between a size 6 to 12 …They could have been male or female. At any rate I discovered many clues and have many hypotheses’s’s, these have to wait until I confirm my findings. In my own defense I have been forced to drink absinthe for the last few weeks to be inducted into the super secret club secrets club. I am so tired of the absinthe, especially when I discovered it was nothing but MD 20-20 +WD40, gray water and isopropyl alcohol. In other words the stuff tastes of gas pump and gray water and MD20/20 +WD40. So let me cut to the chase as we say in the movies, I don’t have shit to say I’m just posting something and I hope I find a photo to fit my needs. Peace Trails JW