Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Toilets Forced me to Post

I talked to Toilets today and he whined that I needed to post again because he was tired of my last post.So I wrote a speculative tangential book review, with the hopes of finding a book to apply it to, this I may need help with, suggestions welcomed.
JW 1/23/08

Speculative tangential book review:

I always looked forward to when my brother and myself were shipped to my mother’s parents in North Carolina for a portion of our summer break; we always learned from my grandparents and for a period I was permitted to use profanity. Lat, my grandfather permitted profanity for a number of years and taught me well, then like a Zen master he told me I could not use profanity; cold turkey the only way to stop in my opinion.
We learned early Toilets (brother) and myself how to handle firearms. Lat was a retired Game Warden a profession he began in 1930. Upon reflection 1930 was probably not the most popular time to be a Game Warden, his beat in the middle 30’s was and still is a very rural and remote area, lake Mattumuskeet.
Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge, established in December 1934, includes about 50,000 acres of marshes, woods, and water. The dominant feature is Lake Mattamuskeet, which is 18 miles long, seven miles wide, and a tire deep.
But I digress, I sit after I read a book like this and I realize that the root of all our problems in society is the use of profanity instead of honest dictionary words. We as a society have become lazy with our words, which in turn leads to other problems like global warming and reality television. If every person in the USA trimmed their use of profanity by 25% I would bet a slop bucket full of fifties that the economy would rebound and honest could be used in the same sentence as politician. Just 25% that are all, now think if we raised the bar to 50% reduction in profanity or let us dream for a moment, a complete abolition of profanity! What would happen is we would live in an Eden like world, bliss on earth. My computer model has shown this to be true and I think we should all stop using for the lack of a better word, profanity.
Why this book inspired these thoughts I don’t know, it’s a good book and uses profanity but I enjoyed the read. I think you will also and this is not a line of BS paid for by the author agent or publisher it is my unsolicited advice.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Arizona Trail Riding

Just returned from Trail Riding in Arizona. Here are a couple of photos. JW


Our Friend Jesse's Fun Hauler.Wind screen sponsored by Gorilla Tape and 1/4" Luan.

How man trail riders does it take to change a tire?... One to change the tire, six to watch and one to take the photo.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Click on "Stuff" for the story, I am home, tired and this is all I have.The stuff you should click is the title.I go bed now,I tired; not to mention weary and stuff.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Music Review for Amazon

Sixty Six Steps
Price: $14.99
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49 used & new from $7.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Leo Kottke a Fan's Homage, December 24, 2007

Every listen my memory gives me a glance at its past, this is what comes to mind. Great CD 5 stars!

Before you read this consider that I am not perfect. Some of this many may consider not to be politically correct. The truth is not always PC, this story is largely based on fact, really.
Sometime in the early 1970's I was in fifth grade, I was a wee lad; by wee I offer that while in sixth grade I weighed in at Fifty-five pounds. Who knows what I what I weighed in fifth grade, I doubt they had scales at this time to register my true weight. During this period of my life I was living in the country with my family and rode the school bus in the rural town of Lizton, Indiana, about a 45 minute bus ride from school. Down our gravel road about a mile there lived a young man named Smedley he was two years my senior, he out weighed me by around 10 lbs. and his height I cannot recall, this young man was also known to suffer from what is called dwarfism. My brother whose nickname is toilets is and was four years my senior, as are brothers we battled one another and to tell you the truth is the one of the two people I ever had a fist fight with, the other was Smedley. Toilets was always looking for entertainment, so one day on the long ride home Toilets whispers to me, take off Smedleys cap and laughs because it will be a riot. I did, Smedley did not like this, Toilets goaded me again, Smedley warned me to stop. Toilets rose to the occasion and convinced me that it would be hilarious if I took off Smedleys cap again, which I did because who does not like hilarity. Well Smedley turned and smacked me in the face and then I notice a blur in front of my eyes, it was Toilets jumping from my seat to the seat across the aisle, I looked over and he was laughing, it was hilarious. So now here I am with Smedley standing on the seat in front of me swinging wildly at me, so I had no choice but to punch back. I grabbed his head and he came over the seat while we both continued to duke it out. Now before you judge keep in mind Smedley was larger than I was and not only this raised on a farm, a tough life, baling hay, feeding cattle etc. Smedley was a farm dwarf and these are some of the most powerful you will ever run into. By the time Wayne our bus driver pulled over to stop our battle, Smedley had a bloody nose and eye and I had a bloody nose and lip, in my book a tie.
So we are separated and we are dropped off Toilets is laughing his are off, he reminded me how I was going to get the board the next day and so I had another worry. We entered our home and Toilets can hardly contain him self, "Josh got in a fight with Smedley and he's going to get the board". Fortunately I have supportive parents and they both saw the humor in the story. I did not get the board, however I should have learned.