Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Live Entertainment at Roscoe's Toco's!

Roscoe has contracted banjo legend Slim Slick to play for all the tacos he can eat. At midnight he will read from Travels with Roscoe and then the dancing girls start their gig. Buy the book, no cover if you have proof of purchase and a free taco!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Roscoes Tacos!

As Roscoes favorite Publicist I plan on hiring a team of Lawyers and sicking them on people that are trying to ride the coa ttails of Roscoe's success. My attempts to patent and copy right monkeys, well anything simian related is proving a challange but I think we could make some FY money if we could latch onto the license of everything Simian....To buy Roscoes book available in PDF format as well so you can save paper and Roscoe can maybe turn a profit, what with our 90% to me the most important part of Roscoe Inc and 10% to Roscoe the man and the brand he needs a lot of sales to live like a Hilton....Buy Travels with Roscoe here. Kind Regards JW

Friday, June 22, 2007

Toby asks to see my Duck and Eggs

Last year in my front yard, I feed this very duck , gave it water and after a while nature took its course. I think nature was dressed as a racoon. I did not take pictures of the scrambled eggs, truth be told it made me sad. So this is my front yard unmowed to give ole duckey as I called her, some cover, it was just next to my street, the cover did not work. I am not sure but that may be poison ivy on the right, according to a friend I have three varietys of poison ivy in my yard. I have eye witness's if need be, I have trouble believing that I am judged to be a liar about this account. I am not one who likes to defend myself but for crying outloud! I will post something more interesting soon. If there is a God or even if there is not I do hope to post something about nonsense and not about defending a story about a duck that layed eggs in my yard the eggs were eaten and that is how it goes . Kind Regards JW

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Friday, June 15, 2007

History Repeats

Truth be told I think it was Jenny, however when I look back it was probably Nancy because she had the the airplay... I dunno but that was some great music for me in the day...
Posted on Amzaon, years later I discover there are friends of Amazon and someone read this review and found it entertaining, they made me their Amazon friend which made me feel special.I touched a button to make them my friend, why not? Then it all went to shit, them boots were tall enough to walk though the quagmire but I lost my friend who praised my skills as a reviewer...Not a critic, who am I to judge?
Its as good as you remember...Now you might read another five star review and get the straight dope.I have to admit it some of these people really know their stuff.It was the summer of 1969 that my grandfather Oscar T purchased the Nancy Sinatra album and it may have been the only album he ever bought because this was the only album he ever played that summer and for the life of me I could not find an alternative, granted I did not look real hard .This I believe was the same summer Oscar T purchased an electric hedge trimmer with 2- 25' yellow extension cords. A typical day consisted of fishing in his pond, run errands and listen to Paul Harvey on the radio and then back home for a little "boots a walkin'" then chores. I would watch in fascination while he would trim the hedge, not much on TV back then.As fate would have it I inherited the hedge trimmers and extension cords, but not the album. The extension cords were yellow as I mentioned, I was doing laundry today I counted the repairs with black electrical tape where the cord had been damaged or severed by the hedge trimmers, I counted 7 which works out to one repair every 7.142857 etc. feet. I judged it safe nevertheless and trimmed my hedges for a couple of years with the same set up.Until,my neighbor came over and schooled me on the proper way to hold the trimmers so I "would not cut off my fingers", well I tried this and could never get used to the safe style and thus ended my hedge trimming efforts for a couple of years. Finally I realized the bushes were not going to trim themselves and so I decided the abandoned estate look was in, this worked for a while. Finally I tore out the bushes in the front of my house and replanted plants that required little maintenance. This left my side yard bushes, I was so afraid I would cut my fingers off, I went to Lowes and bought a nice pair of scissor style hedge trimmers, I happened upon a friend of mine at the store and he said "you know they sell electric trimmers" but I confessed to him I was afraid I'd cut a finger(s) off , he looked puzzled and I was to flustered to explain. I bought the scissor trimmers and was well pleased with their efficiency, but it was to late, my bushes where to far gone so I sought professional help and he suggested I tear the bush's out and replace with low maintenance plants, I liked his way of thinking,so it was done. I still have the electric trimmer and cord just for nostalgia, and if anyone is looking for a fair deal on scissor style hedge trimmers contact me and we can discuss the particulars. Buy the album its good stuff.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Few Miles South of Franklin Indiana

Today I was shown this devided highway in rural Indiana. The Grave yard was relocated for this road all but good ole Nancy's. I have never seen a road sign like this or a grave in the middle of a road. Someone should open a nick nak shop and cash in....

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Church and Steeple

I suppose this top photo is twenty years old, a copy of a CD cover I took with color infrared film, lordy what we did for special effects in those days. The next I this is that of a lager discovered in a glacier. The bottom photo is that of some sort of place of worship. You tell me... Best guess wins a prize of little value. Also did I mention I was Roscoes favorite publicist and I would be remiss if I did not mention where to buy Travels with Roscoe...Press here...