Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rarefied Words for the Well-Rounded Reader

Part of my goal to bringing down the house on google is with the support of a strong group of people, dead and not dead and some almost dead and others,the jury is still out on their status of animation. I call up Dr. Samuel Johnson's dictionary first published in 1755...These are rare words, little used or the meaning has changed but I suspect will throw google ads into fits and then the house of cards will fall and the world can say, good ole Josh he fought the good fight and he saved humanity...See my previous post if you are confused, this should make everything crystal clear and soon you will be on board with me, we will clink mugs and make toasts to the wee people retaking their province.

Post Script: Suggestions are always welcome, please!

To hebetate...To dull;to blunt;to stupify.

Example; The eye,especially if hebetated, might cause the same perception.

Example duo: Beef may confer a robustness on the limbs of my son, but will hebetate and clog his intellectuals.

The good Dr. Johnson is going to help us all communicate on a entirely new level.

This should help thanks fool:Muktuk monkeys, slug erogenous zones, fashionable caryatids, deveined gerbils, infrangible loganberries, periphrastic dribble, trebuchets for tots, anemic vampires, wayward nuns, trapezist worms, Freudian slippers, vegetable wars...
More from the fool:Deliquescent dingos, Grimy grimalkin grimoires, spurious logia, compressed perimetry, saponaceous delicacies, trahison des clercs of Blogworld, exsanguination for fun and profit, brumal insanity, Hollywood apotheoses...

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

seductive billy-goats, nauseating presidents, artificial virginity,sneezing in bikinis

Well the time has come I am almost through with my new blog. I am satisfied that I have done my work with My Mule , a site that helped bring Amazon to its knees. Now I have a site that is active but floating that will assist in the same with my ongoing fight with Google and all the other corporate behemoths. Not that I am giving up on My Mule but in the interim I will be posting guest posts or just key words to see what the Google ad bar above this post will adapt to with each post. Self-Composting toilets ought to show up again with this post, as it was a popular item when I first mentioned it in a previous post.
So if you have any keywords that might be fun to see what the Google ad bar interprets. Let me know, if you wish to remain anonymous I will just copy and paste since I have comment moderator you will be safe from the powers that be, yet you can remain part of a part of a grand experiment. This will be entertaining at least for me, and provide me with some time do some finishing touch’s on my new wonder blog…Soon to be announced.
Classified ads Free
Remote control Toilets
Household Fembots
Small cups of coffee with monkeys hanging on your lapels.
Virgin Nipples
Just the beginning of a grand experiment.! Keep the cards and letters coming. JW

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flannery O'Connor and the Dummy

Book Review Flannery O'Connor

This review was first published Jan. 19 2005 and met with good reviews, it aint easy reviewing but I continue pushing that boulder up the hill, the hill grows steeper and the boulder larger but I just keep growing stronger...kinda...or maybe just more deluded. JW July 25 2005

A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O'Connor
Edition: Paperback
Price: $9.60
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

107 used from $1.15

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
I seen the dummy!, January 19, 2005

I recommend reading Linda Linguvic's review, she is dead right. Reading Ms. O'Connor stories is time well invested, and I agree one at a time is about all you can to digest, its like Harper Lee meets Edger Allan Poe. I always find myself in surreal situations that remind me of a Flannery O'Conner story...STOP READING AT THIS POINT AND GO TO LINDAS REVIEW...You see I am in a witness protection program and the only way I can communicate with my family is through Amazon...sad but false.Which reminds me of when I was a kid visiting my grand parents and favorite uncle in North Carolina (we stayed with them every summer until they told my folks to stop). My mom, grandparents,uncle and brother went a visitin' some obscure relatives in a town that seemed to make my grandfather grumpy, reckon that would have been any town USA. However this particular town was near another particular town that held something of interest, the spaghetti man, or as my grandfather called him the dummy. They called him the spaghetti man because he was Italian, he had worked for a circus and happened to die in the nearby town I mentioned, back in the early 20th century is my guess. The manager of the circus only gave the local funeral director a deposit for the burial with the promise of returning with final payment, which never came. So the Spaghetti man/mummy/dummy remained in his freezer for years. The son inherited the business as well as the dummy as I will refer to him from this sentence on until the end of my review. Well back in the 60's my brother, uncle and to a lesser degree myself badgered my grandfather enough that he agreed to leave the family gathering to go find the dummy. He found the town just fine it being on the map and all, but had to ask directions to find the dummy "where's the dummy"? after several blind alleys we found the funeral home and in the garage the owner took us for a small fee to the garage, he opened the freezer and there in the flesh was a shrunken up freezer burnt dummy! One of those moments you never forget, a certain smell might take you back or a foreign accent, but you dont forget those memory's by god! cause that's what life's made of, memories and things like that, eating too. Years later in the year 2000 I visited my folks in NC and in honor of the dummy I went to Target and purchased a white T shirt a couple of sizes to big and a black marker. I laid the T-shirt on my kitchen table and scrawled "I seen the dummy" across the front and into the armpit. The next day I showered,shaved and put on my new shirt, drove to the airport early , requested exit row (I'm above average in height you know) and flew to Charlotte. I then boarded a commuter plane to New Bern and the flight attendant asked me what my shirt said and I told her "I seen the dummy" ...Even though I was in the front row and she had to sit in the jump seat in front of me she was sort of cool and impersonal the rest of the flight, people you figure them out? If you like reading, buy Flannery O'Conner its not a walk in the park but you aint no dummy now are you?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Exit to Brooklyn Book Review Revisited

I used to write book reviews for a not for profit company.
OK, how long did Amazon.com not make money? They were not making money for awhile but when I helped them create their house of cards they where still safe and sound in the start up .com business. I did not profit so I soon lost interest however somewhere in the archives of Amazon is this review...I suppose the intent was to be as raw as Hubert himself might have been...I did not and will not read or edit this review, it is pure and simple. Kinda like me with out the pure part.
Kind Regards JW 12/12/08

Mr. Selby does not understand the concept of built in obsolescence. It reminds me of the time when I lived in Lizton Indiana and my brother Charles Chadwick and our buddy big John and Roscoe and Joe, all gathered to watch Charles pogo stick over the creek behind our house.We had taken some scaffolding left over from our new home construction and laid it across the creek, it was about twelve inches wide and reinforced with 2 x 4's on each edge. 5/8" plywood and 2x 4 's...Charles as I recall had the most confused look on his face when he made it about two hops across the bridge and then fell about five feet into a gravel creek bed, a great look, I think he said "Wha happen"? He laid in the gravel, pogo stick still in position and at that moment I think he realized that not everything works out as planned.He lost interest in this stunt real fast, unlike you will in Huberts great Novel.
About this time we were reaching an age when my folks felt we were old enough to be left alone for short periods of time while they went to Air-Way and such, these opportunities we seized carpe diem style! Empty the two car garage and stage indoor short track races on our dirt bikes, sure we would leave tire tracks on the concrete, sure the nobby tire marks on the walls were tell tale signs of mischief but my folks where young and inexperienced and did not suspect that we would race motorcycles in a two car garage. We would put the garage back together and other than the lingering two stroke haze, and the above mentioned clues, none was the wiser. Best I can remember I always won these races because I was the superior rider. How we managed not to hit the water heater and tear it from the wall proves there is a divine being watching over us. Which also reminds me of how my da showed me the hot water release valve on the water heater for what reason I dont know, but I retained this knowledge. Unfortunately for Elmo and Myrtle our beagles I had just enough knowledge to cause them great pain. You see Elmo was a walk up dog who adopted us as was myrtle, the two quickly became lovers and engaged in Hubert Selby style liaisons as often as myrtle was in heat.They often became stuck and we all know the best way to separate two beast who are stuck is to throw cold or is it hot water on them? At the time I thought it was hot so one evening while my folks were at Air-Way our two beagles became stuck and were in obvious pain, one faced north the other south and like a compass in a tempest they changed directions in a passionate union. I went to the water heater and filled up a glass with water directly from the unit just like me da showed me and threw it on the two lovers, and contrary to my expectations the two just yelped like scalded wild animals. Eventually they separated on their own.They were fine no burns and such but shortly there after Mrytle took up with the neighbors German Shepherd and Elmo hit the road, never to be seen again. Kinda like a Hubert Selby character. I miss my dogs and I miss dominating the two door garage indoor short track circuit.