Sunday, January 04, 2009

Samuel Johnson and Big Olde Words

Fardel: A bundle; a little pack.

Let us to the king: there is that in this fardel will make him scratch his beard.
From Shakespeare's Winters Tale

When visiting family and friends and family for a party I bring a fardel, just enough to skate.

Back in the day they really used colons and semi-colons I have noticed. But today we are so afraid of proper grammar that we are required after a certain age to undergo colostomy's to prevent the condition of over punctuating. So I propose, what may seem to some a radical theory but hard to contest. Over punctuating will lead to what some would phrase as "eventual death." Perhaps this is a breakthrough in the language arts, not to mention hard core science, maybe I am onto something...I feel it prudent to wear all my moto gear for the next few days because I suspect all sorts of grants (my money is on the MacArthur) will be falling out of the sky when this word of the day is published.
Trust me I will share, you all helped me reach this level of excellence. JW



At 5:06 PM , Blogger sophmom said...

Colostomy to remove us from colons & semi-colons?! I love it! I use them with some abandon, and will not have them removed. Harumph.

Happy New Year!


At 4:29 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

sophmom: It,s a free world, punctuate lightly...Happy New Year as well JW


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