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Sixty Six Steps
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5.0 out of 5 stars Leo Kottke a Fan's Homage, December 24, 2007

Every listen my memory gives me a glance at its past, this is what comes to mind. Great CD 5 stars!

Before you read this consider that I am not perfect. Some of this many may consider not to be politically correct. The truth is not always PC, this story is largely based on fact, really.
Sometime in the early 1970's I was in fifth grade, I was a wee lad; by wee I offer that while in sixth grade I weighed in at Fifty-five pounds. Who knows what I what I weighed in fifth grade, I doubt they had scales at this time to register my true weight. During this period of my life I was living in the country with my family and rode the school bus in the rural town of Lizton, Indiana, about a 45 minute bus ride from school. Down our gravel road about a mile there lived a young man named Smedley he was two years my senior, he out weighed me by around 10 lbs. and his height I cannot recall, this young man was also known to suffer from what is called dwarfism. My brother whose nickname is toilets is and was four years my senior, as are brothers we battled one another and to tell you the truth is the one of the two people I ever had a fist fight with, the other was Smedley. Toilets was always looking for entertainment, so one day on the long ride home Toilets whispers to me, take off Smedleys cap and laughs because it will be a riot. I did, Smedley did not like this, Toilets goaded me again, Smedley warned me to stop. Toilets rose to the occasion and convinced me that it would be hilarious if I took off Smedleys cap again, which I did because who does not like hilarity. Well Smedley turned and smacked me in the face and then I notice a blur in front of my eyes, it was Toilets jumping from my seat to the seat across the aisle, I looked over and he was laughing, it was hilarious. So now here I am with Smedley standing on the seat in front of me swinging wildly at me, so I had no choice but to punch back. I grabbed his head and he came over the seat while we both continued to duke it out. Now before you judge keep in mind Smedley was larger than I was and not only this raised on a farm, a tough life, baling hay, feeding cattle etc. Smedley was a farm dwarf and these are some of the most powerful you will ever run into. By the time Wayne our bus driver pulled over to stop our battle, Smedley had a bloody nose and eye and I had a bloody nose and lip, in my book a tie.
So we are separated and we are dropped off Toilets is laughing his are off, he reminded me how I was going to get the board the next day and so I had another worry. We entered our home and Toilets can hardly contain him self, "Josh got in a fight with Smedley and he's going to get the board". Fortunately I have supportive parents and they both saw the humor in the story. I did not get the board, however I should have learned.


At 5:07 AM , Blogger Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

What would you have talked about in your life if you had not battled with Smedley?
I hear the story almost weekly and can name 3 blogs where it is posted and at least one national magazine where the story is recorded.
You should thank me for this.
Does Smedley know how much publicity he gets?
Where can I buy a shirt commemorating the event?

At 11:25 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Toilets: My life would have been a dark, desolate void were it not for you getting me in a fight with a Smedley. You have done your job, now please stop; I learned just enough from this experience to live a full life. For this I thank you,swell with pride Toilets you have earned this. With much respect JW

At 1:26 PM , Blogger zen wizard said...

You "should have learned"? persisted in removing the headgear of rural dwarfs?

I will attribute the first event to childish curiousity. But you really should have learned the first time.

I would imagine that a rural dwarf's urban cousin could be even more vicious. And perhaps packing firearms.

At 3:16 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Zen: Urban dwarfs packing heat? Now this makes me nervous, but in a cage match I would bet on the farm dwarf, the urban dwarf may have dirty tricks but once a farm dwarf gets a grip on ya, you going down.

At 7:02 AM , Blogger The Fool said...

Hey...thanks for the music tip. I'm a Leo fan from "the Armadillo Album" days, and an ol' Phish-head. They also collaborated on another album called "Clone."

Cage fights with dwarves might catch on, Josh...but be careful. Dwarf tossing in the bars was deemed by many not to be PC.

Happy 08.

At 2:10 AM , Blogger barb michelen said...

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At 9:31 AM , Blogger EBEZP said...

Josh my friend have a happy new year!!

At 11:41 AM , Blogger zen wizard said...

Yes, the farm dwarf probably has a lot of experience breaking Shetland ponies and what not.

The urban dwarf would definitely be at a disadvantage--in the aforementioned pay-per-view WWE steel cage match.

At 12:52 PM , Blogger matty said...

Commander Josh! I was just getting ready to sample this CD, but am now worried that I will be haunted by dreams of farm dwarfs chasing me down the aisle of a short school bus.

Not that dwarfs should be on short buses. Or you. ...Or Toilets -- tho, the name might imply that he be required to take separate public transit.

...but I used to live in fear that someone would decide I was retarded and put me on the short bus.

And, farm dwarfs make me nervous anyway.

At 4:19 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

I beg forgiveness for my lack of response.My only excuse is I was on vacation and out of reach. In fact I was in the desert out of reach even by my cell phone for the most part. What I must share is another person on the trip who I do not know that well but is by all means a cool cat,lives in this very town I spoke of and he has met Smedley, he told me he was a legend in those parts, I was so proud to have met someone who knew Smedley and who I could share my story of woe. He did not question one word, he knows I'm good people and just fighting the good fight. Peace JW

At 4:06 PM , Blogger matty said...

It still worries me that someone is called Toilets.

At 4:33 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

mat: toilets is not that thrilled about it himself.


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