Friday, November 28, 2008

Big Brother is here and he is P--- err Angry!

Even in passing most people I knew, thought ARM's were not a good idea. So why?
I watched Pirates of the Caribbean "At the Worlds End" the other night, and thought well this is better than an ARM...I did not think it was a great film, I did like Keith Richards Cameo etc. I always loved pirate adventure films but I just did not realize since I was a wee lad that pirates come in all shapes and forms. The legendary Kracken, is the lesser of the evils when it comes to financial advisers.
I suppose the entire mythology in films are just grooming us for the reality of the avarice and greed of the average investment banker.
I suppose good ole show biz is just preparing us for the real storm.
The big three? "Never have so few done so much to so many." Kinda like Winston Churchill but without the noble backing.This line won't work with all the spin masters available.
However I rise tomorrow I will work and will remain a reasonable cognizant being. I pledge I will not create another Wal-Mart. I do not care to be part of the Brave New World. So whadaya do?

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