Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Toilets Birthday and Roscoe is Feeling Better

Where do I begin? I visited Roscoe this evening and he is off the tubes and although tired and in for a long trek to recovery, remains his witty good natured self.He had a real tacky blinking trinket which had the Pope, (one of them) sitting beside his bed in the ICU, he was happy with it because he likes that kinda stuff. Well it turns out his niece bought it for him when she was visiting Italy, she bought it at a truck stop. His buddy Dale laughed and told me he did not think much of it at first until he found out it was from an Italian truck stop and he declared,"that just goes to prove, truck drivers are the same all around the world." Roscoe who is not Catholic said, "hey if it works I'm not throwing it out."
This was the first time I have seen Roscoe without all the tubes and drugs for someone given only a 20% of living a week ago Wednesday, he is on the mend, I cannot express what an honor it is to know someone with the courage and strength that he has, if life were the Olympics he would have bankrupted the world with all the gold medals he is due.

Onto Chuck (aka Toilets) its his birthday today August 13th. I called him a few days ago and told him I did not get him anything and that in exchange when my birthday came around he did not have to get me anything. He said OK, but then a day later he told me he had a gift for me, I told him that the best gift I could give him was my guilt for not sending him a gift. He seem satisfied with this but then I sweetened the pie, I told him the book Narrow Dog to Indian River, which I bought for my father for fathers day. I had to read it real fast before I gave it to him, when my mother is finished I promised I would send it to Chuck. This seemed to make him happy. I also promised him a shirt that I printed with a broad sharpie back in 2000 that has " I seen the dummy" written in my scrawl across the front into the armpit. The "I seen the dummy" is a whole different story, which I posted a year or more ago on this site.
The white T Shirt I bought to create this one of a kind shirt, is to big for me. I have washed it in hot water, gained weight, lost weight, it just does not fit. I feel so unpolished wearing a shirt that hangs on me, so for my brothers birthday he will receive a hand made shirt custom inscribed by me "I seen the dummy" that does not fit me and a book that most of my family have already read.
Its the thought that counts and for one that does not have counting skills this is a huge gesture. Happy Birthday Chuck and get busy fixing yourself Roscoe.


At 9:05 PM , Blogger The Fool said...

Well, I guess I'll have to check out this read, as "Travels with Roscoe" was certainly a good recommendation. Sorry to hear that the protagonist of that Roscoe is going through the tribulations set before him. Be sure to tell him that his readership is pulling for him.

And it's great to have such relation among family, eh? It sounds like no one is keeping score, and everyone is just happy to be. I guess I'll have to search the archives for the story behind the "I seen the dummy" shirt...unless, of course, you would be so kind as to link it for me in this posting (hint-hint).

Take care. Catch you later.

At 12:45 AM , Blogger Cléa said...

Roscoe sounds like a good fighter with the right attitude. I wish him all the best.

At 5:22 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

the fool: Thanks for the comment and I put a link in the post the story it was originally an Amazon book review, it takes a few paragraphs to get to the story but if your interested have then its all yours.

clea: Thanks, Roscoe is the real deal.

At 11:07 AM , Blogger The Fool said...

Thanks for the link. That was a fun review. Flannery rocks.

At 2:16 PM , Blogger Zen Wizard said...

The main difference in an Italian truckstop is that the transexual hookers do not wax their moustaches, since there it makes them "more feminine."

(I apologize in advance for that one...that was offensive. I meant to say, TRANSGENDERED hookers...)

Actually the time I went to Italy--which was A LONG FREAKIN' TIME AGO--I did not see a truck stop that I can recall.

But I take this dude's word for it...I mean they have to get the marinara sauce to the grocery store SOME WAY...Do the truckers wear hats that say, "Italy: Love It or Leave It!" or better yet, "Save a Tree: Tell a French Guy to Eat a Beaver!"

By the way, Prego Spaghetti Sauce is called Please Spaghetti Sauce in Italy. I think...

In Italy, when you want to take a woman out and you don't have much money, you say, "Well, shit--how about AMERICAN? Who the hell does not like THAT??"

At 2:46 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

the fool: There is something about Flannery. I dig her stuff, she writes real good.

At 3:25 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

zen: I was not offended. Now that first one reminded me of the old joke. Whats the difference between an Italian Grandmother and an Elephant? The Elephant does not have a mustache. ( I do not think anyone will be offended by this joke I do not think Elephants read my blog)
I was in Italy I think in 97 and as I remember lots of scooters, and gas stations closing at odd times but I do not recall any truck stops. I wonder if his niece was on a bus tour?

Pancetta Donna I think translates into bacon lady, which comes in quite handy if one is going to order a BLT and is trying to get the attention of the waitress.


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