Saturday, January 07, 2006

Big Bill is on His Way!

I hope he asked his wife. But Big Bill took off to patrol and protect a rig we have set up off the East Coast of Somalia. God be with ya Bill the area is rife with pirates but I am sure you and your crew can handle whatever they throw at you. The Derrick is resting steady at before discussed location, check in if you can. A fine example of a Hero for Science! I fully expect a ticker tape parade upon his return.


At 4:25 PM , Blogger ing said...

Don't drive so fast, Bill. And wear your lifejacket.

At 5:51 PM , Blogger jungle jane said...

Bill stole his wife's boat? Jees. Brave.

At 6:22 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

ing: He know that.
JJ: No, Roscoe stole that boat fare and square, now its going to be a part of scientific history. You think The Voyage of the Beagle was something, just stick around a couple of hundred of years and see whose boats are remembered!


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