Friday, November 04, 2005

Trepanning was such a fad

Most fads I ignore or don't notice to begin with, somehow I studied Trepanning when it was popular a few years ago. The theory is that you are born and have the soft spot on the top of your head which then as you grow older grows shut. What the pioneer trepaners were doing was trying to recapture the minds of their youth, the excitement, creativity and what other shit goes along with not knowing anything. By drilling a hole in your head you relieve the pressure and your brain is flooded with blood flow, blood flow equals vitality etc. So I was bored tonight , was digging through my tool box looking for a box wrench to beat my dryer with ( it makes noise and I want it to stop) and I came upon a surgeons drill used for drilling burr holes in skulls and such. Since they only use it once it was in like new condition. I dug out a big bit from my collection cause If I am going to drill a hole in my skull I am going to make it worth my time.
Results: I still feel the same, I ...where was I ...yes looking for a ball cap to hide the hole in my forehead...I ...not make difference...ellipses etc. Don’t to dis it work bad. not work it not work. I repeat do not drill a hoe in yo head.Peace Trails JW


At 7:58 AM , Blogger BigBill said...

Do you mind if I mount your head and have my way with your vent hole?

LOL! That was pretty sick but clever!!

Good writting I was totally captivated and engrossed in the story!!


At 11:39 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Me the sicko? Your the one wanting to have your way with my vent, talk about sick. TO answer your question, no but thank you for the kind comments. Josh


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