Sunday, October 16, 2005

Big Joe Polka

Does anyone ever watch the Big Joe Polka show? My friend Roscoe (see my link section) can give you all the particulars. Big Joe Rocks!


At 7:08 PM , Blogger PPPMoney said...

Polka rocks!!!
But WTH is on yer head?!

At 8:11 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Its a cool cap with a feather and that aint me its my bro in law.

At 1:00 PM , Blogger madman said...

Tell me details--where can I see this cultural icon?

At 1:07 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Roscoe turned me onto Big Joe Polka Its on somethint like the farming network, they have tractor pulls and such, but ya gotta see The Big Joe Polka show, ask Roscoe I am sure he will send you in the right direction.

At 8:46 PM , Blogger PPPMoney said...

Where can I get wanna dose hats?

At 6:22 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

I think they are hand made by Gypsies. Find yourself a gypsy.


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