Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A post from my brothers summer vacation

2005 Mexico Trip

A Palenque Night
By Charlie Williams
Mar 25, 2005, 10:47

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I´m lying here in my own sweat, or blood, or urine, or
bile. Well I can only assume it´s my fluids sticking
me to the sheets. I was awoken by screams of pain
from down the hall. It is hot. Lizzards crawl over
the walls. I decide like Hunter, it´s time for a
sleeping pelet. I reached for my gun, it was missing.
I could see in the darkness Chuck already had my
pistol. He was sitting cross legged on the bed with
the barrel of the gun in his mouth. His Occedential
eyes just bulge up at the ceiling.
I cursed:
¨Hurry up, I want to use it next!
He takes the gun out of his mouth and starts firing at
the lizzards on the walls. He empties the chamber and
keeps firing.
My ears are ruined from the noise a large caliber hand
gun being fired in a small concrete room. My hearing
is boxy and ringing, I tell him:
¨Stop firing, you will mess up the pin.¨
He looks at and arond me and mouths the words:
¨I need more bullets!¨
Some one in the hall makes the ¨shhhh¨ noise. How
absurd is that, some one ¨shhhhing¨a 45 caliber gun?
I look for a way out. The fan is just spinning it´s
guts out. If I stand on the bed and stick my head in
it. It will surley chop off my head. Oh Oh Oh Oh,
not tall enough, just a series of welts on my head and
the fan stops and fills the room with acrid smoke.
I know, I´ll crush my head with the toilet seat, Arlo
Guthrie style. Damn, no toilet seat! They knew!!!

Eventually daylight came again, its ugly here, tourist
fill the streets. We have made the decision to bypass
the ruins, it is Festival here and just a zoo. Now
I´m, pissed at all the Birkenstock wearing gringos who
think thier trip is the best trip.
¨Busses and hitchhiking from Manhatten¨
¨Then we camp at night.¨
Shoot me! Please! Lying on a bed with a fan and a
cold shower is tough enough, but to crawl into a
sweltering tent and letting bugs crawl all over me?
Oh yea, your trip is a lot better than ours. Besides
our room was $15 bucks last night, how roughing it do
you need? At some point don´t you flaunt your flush
gringo hand and get a room? We sure did and it was
still more than we could stand.
We leave in a few for the coast. Balize, and the
Atlantic. We hope to do some diving, some gaming and
speaking of the English. Another night here and.....

Your Virtual Vicarious Tour Company
Charlie and Chuckie, propieters

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