Friday, October 14, 2005

Hippy Cow

I discovered this Hippy cow not to long ago, the thing was just wasted! I said you know dude, lets just chill and think about things and the cow said moo. Thats when I decided to sell it to the highest bidder. Donald Trump purchased the cow. His motivation I am unsure of but I think he liked the idea of owning a hippy cow . I do not think Donald likes hippys and love's the idea of eating them at will. God save the moo's. Me I cashed his check and then felt guilty , tried to buy ole moo'ie back but Donald would not have it! I am out of funds and am afraid Donald will eat my hippy. Donald have mercy on my little hooved hippy! Distraught in the fields. JW


At 12:30 PM , Blogger madman said...

What is wrong with you and Roscoe--was it the LSD in the 60's? I loved the post!

At 6:25 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Yep! Roscoe and I have a little memory experiment in the works.We are both going to recount the same story from the 70's but we are not going to share memory's any more than we have about the story or the "great pontoon boat ride". At least to us it will be interesting to see what facts match and what was just bad brains at work.

At 5:07 PM , Blogger PPPMoney said...

FLippin' Hippies!
Gotta love em', just go light on the petuli.
Oh yeah...
And eat the cows!

At 3:59 AM , Blogger Chrissie said...

LOL where the heck is this cow really??

At 5:13 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

As of last summer it was in Prague Czech Republic as of now, probably under a heatlamp on a row of buns at Trump casinos.


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