Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Final hurrah

This is that Scientologys ladys final effort to make me think crazy thoughts. Dianetics? Daaah? All I need is another fad diet, I am so over Scientology they break you down and then take all your money ...So I guess the diet book , will train me to starve so I get used to skipping a few meals after I give them all my money, all so they can hire lawyers to figure out how not to pay taxes on the money I gave them. This all wears me out, almost to the point where I want to pay tax's. This cowboys moving on!~

Dear Fot,

I understand. Have you picked up a book yet? I suggest Dianetics.


Scientology Consultant

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From: Fot York
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Subject: Re: Test results

> Dear Tiffany,
> Thank you for your prompt response, now I guess I
> know why you where not up front with me completely
> about where you lived, you are humble, not the sort
> that drops names...I like that... I have been in
> airports in and around Los Angeles and it is both a
> dismal and vibrant city its as if a lot of angles
> where set free and did not know where to go, as if
> they were los. You guessed it I live In Indianapolis
> but I fear your church because it is not what I am
> used to and I fear the unfamiliar.Give me SPF (Safe,
> Predictable and Familiar) and I'm almost in heaven
> already. I just dont feel like talking to anybody, but
> thanks for your time and be careful out there. Yours
> Fot


At 5:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be respectfull,this is not a game.I was a member and they are not in the "business" for laughs.


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