Friday, June 24, 2005

I got all the f@#$%*g work I need

Thursday morning 4 AM I had to get out of bed and wander around my house to find the source of the music that was keeping me awake. It was 4AM so it was unlikely any of the local clubs, and being a Wed night/Thursday morning unlikely that any neighbors would be playing the blues loud enough to penetrate my closed windows. I discovered my CD player had snapped to life, for no apparent reason. It was playing one of My Favorite Dan Reeder songs " I got all the f#$%&*g work I need" at a low civilized volume but was a little unnerving since I had not turned it on, yes the CD player and receiver had been left on for several days but…I have thought long and hard about this and the only explanation I can come up with is ghosts! This is the third such occurrence in so many years and so when I tell you I have been doing some serious head thinkin’, its true.
I have come to the conclusion my ghosts are not only benign but festive and I like the fact that they seem to like the same music I like. If anyone has another explanation for this phenomena please explain but until then my house is haunted by some pretty happy go lucky ghosts!

" I got all the f@#$%^g work I need"

" I got allll all the f@#$%^g work I need"

" I got all I got alll all the f@#$%^g work I need"

" I got all all the f@#$%^g work I need"

Repeat chorus several times…

Also what do you all think would be a fair nominal fee to visit a bona fide haunted house?


At 10:05 AM , Blogger V said...

Hmm@festive ghosts..
Ever wondered whether those ghosts were sort of sick of haunting? "I've got all the f***ing work I need"...

Sounds like a desperate call to me..;)

At 10:48 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Your right maybe they where sending me a message, a cry for help! I wonder what I could do to cheer them up, I hate to think my house is filled with overworked ghosts. So maybe opening my house to the public is not what they need right now. I'll do some heavy head thinkin' on this problem.Thanks for the insight. JW

At 6:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will have an anonymous haunting, do not fret. She will disappear soon enough. You have a great blog and do not let the dark side influence your thinking.
Bonafide Ghost


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