Sunday, March 09, 2008

To Photo Shop and The Rules

Lord Dead Saguaro

Whooping Cough

I was looking through a photo site and discovered a photograph which I thought was striking. Then I wondered how did such a long exposure (surf is blurred) be snapped at such an angel that the photo of a the lighthouse is crystal clear. Then I thought it was taken from a larger, taller, better lighthouse, with the new improved Fresnel lens with the standard double your lifetime guarantee every time 24/7. Finally I realized, photo shop!
For a period of time there will always be people who demand the decisive moment photography and those that love the photo shopped artistry. I for one am all for this step in self-expression. I do realize that photography had its illusionists, then along came airbrush then came Kong (photo shop). I welcome Kong or the other versions of Kong; I would love not for the sake of repression or “artistic statement” Just because I am done with trying to figure out if its real or contrived. I propose some sort of symbol at the lower right hand corner of the picture, invisible to the naked eye, for a small fee say $50.00 you can purchase (straight from My Mule) the right shade of eye glass's to see if its real or if it has a middle man.
This was kinda heavy and I didn’t mean to lay this weight on anyone’s shoulders its just that I need help with this one question. Thank you in advance JW

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At 8:13 PM , Blogger Cléa said...

As a keen amateur photographer, I initially resisted the move to digital (SLR) and Photoshop. When I had a photoblog, and I showed photos au naturel, I was given feedback in the comments to enhance the images. In the end I succumbed to minor enhancement.

I think it's 2 separate artforms but since it is expected that everything has been altered in some ways, the two have merged together. As a result, every photo I see now I expect it to be manipulated.

At 10:31 PM , Blogger Simon Sterwin said...

Soon we will no longer be able to trust the naked eye. This will be Kong for the real world. The genuine eye/world filter. A bit like Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange."

Your post is a premonition and a warning for us all. Thank you Josh, and be well...

At 3:36 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

clea: since the beginning of photography images have been manipulated or enhanced, through the use of filters or darkroom magic. Ansel Adams one of the most famous American photographers regularly used red filters on his black and white film to darken the sky and lighten the clouds and then spend hours in the darkroom dodging and burning to create the image he felt not what would have truly been there without a few tricks.

Simon: I am not running for the hills, yet but I do not to read the newspaper and wonder if the photo illustration for the story has been manipulated.

Side note: these glasses I propose all proceeds from the sale would be spent wisely.


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