Sunday, March 02, 2008

Eire and the Lost Journal

I visited Ireland in 1999 with a few of my buddies that had all just recently been through divorce, one fella who as far as I know had never been married, brought his girlfriend. What a grand trip we rented two compact cars and for 10 day’s roamed around. I kept a short journal for two days and gave up all attempts. I just found the journal while looking for a title to a car I finally sold that has sat derelict for two years.
7/3 Arrived Shannon visit (illegible) for some blood pudding at O’Coonols Sq…To Doolen to stay at the Rainbow Hostel-Minor sleepwalk episode- Kelly & Cheri from Colorado-Kelley was a writer and loved T.S. Elliot, I assured her I would read the hell out of him. Kelly and Cheri took Mike, some weird hostel guy and myself to O’Donaless (sp) in Fanore , for some very, very bad music. A band so bad that a Holiday Inn would reject their audition tape. Kelly and Cheri were very gracious and returned us to the Rainbow. I promptly went to bed and then woke up in the morning in different room; a stranger was in the other bed. I was more than a little confused walked around the room to look out the window and decided I was upstairs at the same hostel, or I hoped it was…I walked out of the bedroom straight into a bathroom, found my money belt in front of the toilet grabbed my the belt and then took a long ponderous pee. Found the stairs to the first floor while in nothing but my undies, when I met a surly gent who said “this is a private residence” I replied “ I must have been sleep walking” he replied “right”. Kelly and Cheri both complemented my handwriting and were very sincere.
7/4 Galway stayed at Great Western Hostel, walked to Kings Head EST 1649 and watched a Hurling match then to Busker Browns , great crab. To Italian place for outside beers by the Liffy (river) To Leaison Place met heavy smokin’fun girl Britts “Americans are to healthy and boring”. To Quay (key) for Meatloaf impersonator. Home to bed.
Really most of this only makes since to me, but it does remind me much of what I had forgotten, I should have continued with the journal. But I did take photos, slides alas and I have not digitized them…Take notes and pictures it helps.


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