Friday, September 09, 2005

Hobos are an unfortunate lot

Not to many years ago there were train tracks with hobos
living next to them. In this not to distant past a number
of "episodes" transpired.These "episodes" are not pretty
but kinda funny cause it was in the kinda distant past
and most of the people involved are dead. In fact the
evil cousin died in a car accident caused by himself.
The family was shocked that he lived so long.
You could live forever but how many children ever
had the opportunity to feed a real life hobo a shit sandwich.

The Shit Sandwich Copyright 2005

I have a friend who watched his cousin shit on a piece
of sliced bread and put another slice on top. Cousin gave
it to a hobo who lived next to the train tracks.The hobo
was grateful until he bit into it and he became angry.
The kids ran with the hobo in hot pursuit
"that goddamn kid fed me a shit sandwich"!

The kids escaped the cousin eventually died by his own Darwin
induced instinct and of course life goes on...I love the story
and I believe. I have heard it so many times and it still
remains pretty consistent.Hoboing aint easy. JWW


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