Saturday, July 16, 2005

Music Review, MacArthur Park Richard Harris

Great music if you like it if its not your gig then your reading the wrong review, my reviews are sometimes tangential but that's my style and I would rather stop clicking the keyboard than let some kill joy bungle head stifle my passion. I was reading a review on one of my reviews just the other day which is a rare treat and the critic I think was overly critical, I kinda think he was just not that mart...But everyone has an opinion and this is a public forum so in the words of someone "bring it on"!
Jimmy Webb(wrote MacArthur Park) was being interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR recently and he said his favorite version of this song (and he's has had thousands recorded) was performed by Richard Harris. He did say Richard refused to stick to the title lyrics but used the possessive MacArthur's Park, poetic license if you will, and Jimmy was fine with that and so am I because this is the second favorite version I've heard yet.I have plans on opening a Corn Dog/Lemon Shakeup stand in the near future and will concentrate my vending dream to small art fairs, what will make my Corn Dog/Lemon Shakeup stand special is I plan on hiring my friend Lynn to play piano and perform "MacArthurs Park" live all day and into the evenings, as much as I like Richard Harris's version hers, well how do I put it? How about show biz terms, she just upstages the poor dead Irishman. If he were alive today he might work on his act and give her a run for the money but for now my moneys on the Welsh girl.
Years ago Richard Harris was on the Merv Griffin show and he was telling a story about when he had been out tipping the pints with Richard Burton and another guy? I'm not even sure if Mr. Harris could remember but he told the story about his walk home and he just sat down, done walking in his mind.He sat there and a police officer approached him told him that in the shape he was in he would be better off at home, which Mr. Harris replied "yes sir I am on my way, you see the way I figure it the way the world is spinning my house should come by any minute" the officer let him sit and the audience laughed, me to I think.
Me da used to play this over and over again on the eight track whilst singing along, its a wonder I am not "deef" from the cacophony but here I sit today to tell you you have to buy this CD and when you figure out the meaning of the lyrics please email me and I will give you a pound sterling! Why the officer was bothering innocent street drunks and not out looking for the criminal who left the cake out in the rain? I don't think that I can take it cause it...just don't make sense. Buy the CD they dont make them like this anymore, better on vinyl and best on eight track if you can find such a rare gem.


At 6:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Write on brother!

At 7:01 PM , Blogger lucimay said...

tis a rare gem! and tho i love the harris version...i'm ridiculously sentimental about the old sot...i do think donna summer kicks ass!

At 6:18 PM , Blogger Susan said...

I had the "Donner Summer" (as the Bronxites would say) version on 8-track and yes, it was a rare gem.


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