Friday, July 22, 2005

Book Review "Trout Fishing in America"

I read this book a long time ago so I really cant remember much about it, I remember thinking it was a short book and an easy read, I am unsure if I reread the thing I would like it today. So when I wrote the review I kinda had to talk about something else otherwise I would be jabbering on about something I did not know much about, and if you know me you know I am not one to ramble. The story of the remote I know to be true , its like a history lesson and a book review all rolled into one.

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J Williams 7/22/05

Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan
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The First Remote, April 6, 2005
It reminds me of my da and his inventiveness, best my research indicates he was the first person to invent the remote control for television. Part one of his invention, not because this was his first innovation but just because this is how I chose to place this innovation in the review...Part one was a long electrical cord with an on off switch spliced to it so he could lean over the side of the bed and he could click the switch and like magic the TV would come to life or if he felt like clicking it again it would go black crackling and popping while it cooled.
Part two of his innovation I was able to be a part of, whenever he needed to change the channels he would yell my name with great enthusiasm...Boy! Boy! come here quick, I would snap to life and run to his room with great anticipation look at him and say whaaat? He would reply "could you change over to channel 6 ? hold on, hold on, now try 13 hmmm. go back to 8"....Thanks... Well I would leave frustrated and determined not to fall for that one again, but within an hour Boy! Boy! come here hurry! I would run upstairs and say "whaaat"? "could you change the TV over to Channel 6".

Boy:"But Da I'm studying for my drivers license test, I don't want to flunk"

Da: " try 13 again"...

Why this books evokes these memories is a mystery but so are a lot of things. ">


At 8:18 AM , Blogger Roscoe said...

During the 1970s “gas crunch” we could not drive to the store to buy a remote control for the television set. One dreadful day, calamity struck our home. The channel tuner knob broke. My oldest brother sabotaged the set but I was accused of throwing a basketball in the house.

A family kangaroo court convened. With brother as counsel, I was condemned to changing channels for everybody with a set of pliers.

Time crawled by. One day, after weeks of brother mandated channel surfing, Dad brought home a new knob. OH SWEET FREEDOM! But freedom has its price. Scavenged from a different set, the knob was three channel numbers off.

At 10:18 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

Ah! You triggered another TV story! I was around 7 and had just moved into our new home in Lizton Indiana, the floor was still bare concrete since we were eager to get out of the trailer we had used during construction. We also had a TV with out the changer knob and I was terrified of this thing.You see when I changed channels in my bare feet while standing on a damp concrete floor gripping cold steel pliers the thing would shock the living piss out of me! So I had to summon all my courage and will whenever I wanted to change over to cartoons. Life was hard before remotes, real hard.


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