Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Suspect I am the Kin of kings

Did you ever wonder about your most ancient ancestors?
The Genographic Project will introduce you to them, and
explain the genetic journeys that bond your personal
lineage over tens of thousands of years.



At 5:41 PM , Blogger Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

It said I was a product of a mastrubating dog and a neti pot, I can't like this.


I also prefer Mom to Toilets, please make note of this.


At 1:24 AM , Blogger Winters said...

Brother Josh, you're clearly a man of blue blood. It is clear from the words on the screen.

My dad was a private detective. My grandad was a private detective. And his dad before him, ad infinitum.

No creativity, I tell you. Just a vocation, and a nose for trouble.


At 1:50 AM , Blogger SleekPelt said...

If you're actually related to John Kennedy Toole, you're a lucky man. As long as suicide doesn't run in the genes, that is.

At 4:07 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

toliets: I'm throwing away my neti pot.

Winters:The words on the screen never lie. Private detective lineage, it would be interesting the migration route of a private detective, ad infinitum is an impressive lineage.

Sleek: No, not related I just like the picture.Actually toliets prefers to be called Ignatious.

At 2:38 PM , Blogger Mom! Toilets blogged! said...

Moms the word, not Toilets and that would be a capitol T but I prefer Mom, It's not Ignatius, it's Mom and I love my neti pot like a mother.

I heard the new Roscoe book hit the streets today, when can I get mine?


At 3:51 PM , Blogger damnsle said...

I’ve always suspected that my genealogy began with Adam and Eve. All that inbreeding had to come out somewhere.


At 3:58 PM , Blogger damnsle said...

Btw, I have yet to see a mule on this site. Quite disappointing.

At 3:59 PM , Blogger damnsle said...

Having been one many times, I know what they look like, too.

So that takes care of THAT argument.


At 5:42 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Yes unfortunately I am more like a donkey than a mule.

At 6:53 PM , Blogger ing said...

Is that you in the picture, Josh, or is that one of your ancient ancestors (who must have been way ahead of his time)?

I read in Publisher's Weekly, I think it was, that Roscoe has landed a great deal on his new title. Is it true? What kind of advance did he get?

At 3:28 AM , Blogger matty said...

Commander Josh! I always suspected you were a Royal! Hey, Ing is posting love messages to you on my site. I was thinking I was going to have to stop passing these messages, but seeing how you're are the son of kings I guess I must continue.

I come from British stock (on both sides) ...and very very poor British stock at that. I figure that explains all the mobile homes and fatherless kids back in the south. Oh well. Still, I know I will feel right at home in England! If I ever get there!

At 6:06 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

ing: That is John Kennedy Toole author of Confederacy of Dunces and Neon bible. As for Roscoes book the first reviews I have read are indicating that it will be a smash hit! I'm already talking to Hollywood about a movie version (Hollywood is an elderly man who lives next door to me)I am not at liberty to share Roscoes finacials but let me assure you he will finally be able to afford the his dream home which features twelve gagages.

Matty: I suspect if you ever hop the pond to dear old London they will probably knight you as soon as you clear customs. Jump that pond dude! Tell ing everything will work out.


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