Sunday, October 02, 2005


While visiting a friend of mine owner of North of Asheville NC (forgive the plug for his site but he and the Mrs. were good hosts )we took off on a ride on a couple of his bikes, he loaned me his newly modified Honda XR650 with Supermotard tires and rims, he said about the tires " ruin them I dont care" I was not sure what he meant. Me not being a road bike person felt a bit uneasy at first but began to get the hang of the whole "supermotard" style of turn. You go into a corner and downshift a couple of gears to low, then you ease out on the clutch and the bike's rear end slides abit sideways (cool tire screeching sound, which ruins the tires designed for just this purpose) and then you reach the apex of the turn and crank on the power and prepare for the same at the next turn. Very hard on tires and nerves for a dirt bike guy, but I got used to it, not good or even competent but at least I began to understand the concept. We cruised into a small town that was in a county that was not dry (they sold beer) bought a six pack each put them in our day packs and headed for home. We did a little trail and all of a sudden I felt loose and at ease and ready to really ride but had been warned not to bend the high end rims which had not been designed for banging into rocks, but boy it felt good to be back on familiar terriotory. At days end we stopped dug in to our packs and celibrated with a luke warm Yuengling beer. Great day and glad I did not get kilt.


At 5:16 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

You not only brave but smart and humble. I tip my hat to you. anonymous


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