Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nosmo King

A friend of my used to be a school teacher, he shared with me many tales of his suffering some funny, some you realized why he got out of that line of work. Names are a funny thing, and many people feel compelled to condemn their children for the rest of their lives.One of the the students in his school was named Nosmo (first) King (last) No smoking. The parents did not want to promote cigarettes and tobacco for that matter, but to name their child nosmo?...Which brings me to the point of the photo. I visited a motel 6 not to long ago in the state of California, a stones throw away from John Wayne Airport. We requested a non-smoking room since we did not smoke so thought we would save ourselves the odor.As the photo shows a non-smoking room means you turn over the ash tray and display the symbol, thrifty but I am not sure affective.You may have noticed we did not request a non-beer drinking room. JW


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