Friday, September 05, 2008

A Plan is Essential

Come the week of Sept,12,13 and 14th is a huge moto event just outside my doorstep. Now this discipline of racing is not my cup of tea, however I am interested in watching the events unfold. I have a couple of free pass's from a friend who works for the Speedway.
My father bless his heart passed on his grace and speed to me while on a race course. He loved (loved as in he is still alive and I hope he comes out to watch the return of the Indy Mile with me) Flat Track and so did I and even entered some events but then eventually found enduro, or just trails. I seem to end up less hurt if I am not put on a course head to head with other racers, the ole competitive spirit comes out and when you lack grace and talent the ole competitive spirit can create danger to one who is mot blessed with these gifts.
In Indy this is a big event and I suddenly have friends from all over remembering their good ole friend Josh. I have reservations set up for a friend but have not heard back from them or been invited (not even a phone number) to join so I have people from all over knocking on my door, phone, email etc...I am kinda of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda guy so when a friend who has been in direct contact with me calls via phone, I feel kinda guilty for not having a place for his family to stay until I hear back from my phantom friend.I wrote my friend,read below letter.You know its kinda hard to plan your weekend with all this going on, I do not want to leave a friend hanging, I do not truly want to leave my house unlocked. I think the saying goes either shit or get off the pot.

The Letter,
Hey, I have not heard from you and need to set up a plan. I cannot leave my house open (unlocked) so I am taking Friday afternoon off, if you are coming to town. I have some friends from out west who are coming and of course locally so let me know when to be around.
There has been a rash of break-ins in the village the last year or two. Last fall I returned from the pub after two beers and a salad ( always the health nut) and as I was opening my storm door I was greeted by a gent (short hair, polo shirt, short khaki pants) who exclaimed "oh shit!" I was puzzled and a little slow ( salad does not soak up the beer) and I stood pondering...How do I know this person, did they just get divorced and needed a place to stay (a common occurrence) but this bastard interrupted my train of thought. The brute threw open the door, hit me in the head, I slipped on the wet wood of the deck and he ran out the back steps of my deck. I regained my footing and ran out my front gate and the gave chase but the guy was fast, real fast. Some guy walking his dog screamed and I asked him where the guy went and he said that way (South) I ran and the guy was gone. A true athlete this fella.
I walked back talked to dog walking guy and he agreed that the guy was really booking or however you spell the French phrase Bucu! To make a short story longer a firetruck came and I thought,( how did they know I was just attacked savagely?) I approached the truck and it seems they were just lost and needed directions so I gave them directions and then told them while I chuckled that I thought they had come to rescue me, they said no but they would call the police thanked me and lord knows if I sent them into oblivion or they found their way. At any rate the police were on the spot within minutes, I told them what happened, dog walker came back (sans the dog) and offered his testimony. I took an officer into my house and he asked me if anything was missing, I could not find anything missing which is often the case when you loose something. But the public servant was nice offered me some advice and gave me his name and office number if I discovered something missing.
Come the morning I was showering thinking about the nights events and then I thought...That bastard took my keys! ( habit dictates, walk into the village and leave the keys on my table with the door unlocked, it worked for 17 years) so with this thought I crawled out of the shower walked dripping water on my waxed hardwood floors and confirmed that the bastard had indeed stolen my keys. So from this day on I am forced to lock my doors and even keep my downstairs windows closed for fear some sort of opportunist may choose me as easy pick-ins'.
In other words let me know what your plan is, I will probably be staying out at a friends motor home come race day eve, I dunno. Please let me know your plan so I can either clean my guest room or let it lay fallow and I can run amok without worry of leaving a friend behind. Kind Regards JW



At 6:44 PM , Blogger The Fool said...

Hi Josh. I'm still trying to figure out what the picture is of...

I often leave my keys in the car, and the door if you're ever in the neighborhood - turn the handle before breaking a window, and please put gas in the car.

At 7:08 PM , Blogger josh williams said...

Fool: I often have gas to spare, no problem. The drill is actually a medical device.
I dated an ER Nurse who is now a NP after much work, on her part. A few years ago it became popular on the internet about people who Trepanned their self or with an assistant.
Me X told me that they did it regularly in ER and that they only used the actual drill once and threw it out rather than buying an all stainless and etc. Well economics worked better with the disposable drill.
In a hospital setting you use a small drill to put a small burr hole into the skull to help relieve the swelling from a head injury, not funny. However the trepan clan decided that it was another way to open themselves to a higher form of the here and now if they drilled holes in their head which would allow more blood flow to their brain much like a infant before its skull ,the soft spot, sutures sealed themselves.
At any rate I think if you have not heard of this Google trepan and it will explain the entire madness better than I can. I took her drill which she had in her tool kit and added a big bit I had in my tool kit added some ketchup and well that's the long version of a longer story. Thank you for your patience and trust me do not drill a hole in your head.

At 5:29 AM , Blogger The Fool said...

Wow...and you dated someone who carried one of these devices? You're a brave man...that's quite the kink to share a bed with.

At 7:15 AM , Blogger josh williams said...

the fool: As a rule she did not carry the tool with her, she had one in her tool box in the garage.She said most of the staff had one since they pitched them after each use.I think you become hardened to the grotesque when you work the ER for several years.Nope never trusted her enough to bring it to bed with us.


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